Broadway Lounge

The impressive Broadway Lounge offers two tiers of excellent entertainment which will have you returning each night to see what’s in store. No two nights are the same and performances could consist of comedians, magicians, dancers, live music acts and more. Grab a drink at the bar, take a seat and prepare to be wowed.

Michael’s Club

Michael’s Club started off as an exclusive area for suite guests when the ship was in Celebrity’s hands but is now an area which welcomes everyone. The sleek décor and the cosy seating offer a relaxing retreat in an environment which still has an air of exclusivity about it.

Marina Bar

The Marina Bar will keep you refreshed as you enjoy a lazy afternoon by the pool. There are plenty of soft and alcoholic drinks available, including a wide range of intriguing cocktails.

Rendezvous Lounge

The Rendezvous Lounge is an area consistent cross all of the Pullmantur ships. There is often a live band playing here in the evenings, and if you feel your foot start to tap then there is also a dance floor on which you can offer up some of your best moves.

Harry’s Bar

Conveniently located between the Caravelle Restaurant and the Broadway Lounge, Harry’s Bar is the perfect place to enjoy an after-dinner drink or an aperitif before you sit down to eat.

Rainbow Nightclub

As lights start to go out in some of the cabins across the ship, the disco lights of the Rainbow Nightclub are just warming up. This is the place where everybody heads to dance away their stresses and enjoy a few drinks with friends. If you’re shy about heading out onto the dance floor then the crew will soon have you on your feet and joining in with the ship’s own routine, before you rush off again to the sanctuary of the midnight buffet.

Casino Monte Carlo

Named after Europe’s home of gambling and extravagance, the Monte Carlo casino is where guests come to try and win big. The live gaming tables and computerised slots offer the chance to test your luck and pit your wits against the dealers.

Children’s Club

The fact that children are so well looked after on board Zenith makes it the perfect family ship. Our qualified staff in the children’s club will arrange activities suited to your child’s age and ensure they enjoy their time just as much as you do.

Games Arcade

The arcade is a place where age is cast aside and everyone becomes a child once again. There are a variety of different video games to play and you may even uncover a competitive side that you never knew you had.

Card Room

If you prefer your games to be a bit more slower-paced then the card room will be your heaven. The quiet atmosphere in this part of the ship is occasionally broken by a victorious exclamation and it can be a great place to make new friends.


The library can transport you to many different lands as you enter the world of your new favourite book. The shelves are full of enticing selections but you can always bring your own and find a quiet corner with your name on.