Guadiana Restaurant

The Guadiana Restaurant is one of two main dining areas on board Sovereign offering a range of delicious options from European cuisine. Large tables covered with pristine linens and comfortable chairs in rich orange and purple colours beckon you to take a seat and sample the chef’s excellent menu.

El Duero Restaurant

El Duero Restaurant features the same international and regional dishes, attentive staff and formal atmosphere as the Guadiana. The a la carte menu is inspired by some of the places you will visit and the many windows allow light to flood into the room.

Panorama Buffet Restaurant

If you would rather your mealtimes were a much more casual affair, the Panorama Restaurant offers buffet style food in abundance. There are options to suit everyone’s differing taste buds and you’re free to fill your plate as many times as you want. Whilst the waiting staff may not be serving you the food, they are still on hand to provide excellent service in removing your finished plates and supplying you with anything else you need.

Wu Restaurant

Although the Wu Fusion Restaurant is not part of the standard all-inclusive package, it is well worth paying a small extra charge to eat here. Flavours of the Far East will dance on your tongue as you tuck into dishes from Thailand, China, Japan and Vietnam. With some European options also available and a wide range of exotic cocktails to wash it all down with, you won’t regret dining at this speciality restaurant.

The Grill

This poolside dining area offers the chance to grab a snack without having to sit down in formal surroundings. There are hot and cold options available including burgers, pizza and cold meats. The whole family will love the convenience of not having to leave the pool area to satisfy those hunger cravings, and you can be back on your sun lounger in no time.

Café San Marco

This relaxed café is a great place to grab a coffee and catch up with fellow guests. There are also liqueur coffees available, serving as an excellent nightcap before you retreat to your cabin.