The Finest Spanish Delicacies

Tapas, paella and churros are just a few of the dishes you can enjoy during a visit to Spain. If you want a taste of the Mediterranean and enjoy food filled with sun, colour and flavour – you needn’t look any further. In fact, one of the best ways to truly experience Spain and its vibrant culture is to embark on a food journey around the stunning cities. This week, we take a closer look at some of the delicacies you can enjoy on a journey to Spain with Pullmantur this summer.



If you’re sailing from the UK to the Mediterranean, it’s likely that the first Spanish port of call may be in the region of Andalusia, which is where Gazpacho originates. This dish is traditionally served cold and consists of raw vegetables within a tomato base. Gazpacho is particularly refreshing during the hot summer months. Many modern versions of the dish may consist of other base ingredients including: cucumbers, parsley and watermelon.



If travelling in an easterly direction from Andalusia, then the Valencia region may be next on your agenda. Valencia is home to a dish that is quintessentially associated with the whole of Spain: Paella. This wonderful rice-based dish traditionally consists of chicken and rabbit, beans and seasonings such as saffron and rosemary. More modern versions tend to consist of chorizo, red peppers and the fruits of the sea.



If you’re perhaps looking for something a little lighter to eat during the lunchtime hours, a nice snack comes in the form of the Pincho (Pintxo). Unlike tapas, pinchos get their name from the toothpick or skewer that holds the items together. Just about anything can be used to form a pincho, so long as it placed on a slice of bread and held together. More popular items tend to include fish, peppers and potato omelettes.



Whereas a croquette in the UK may be associated as a breadcrumbed fried food containing potato; in Spain, fillings can include (but are not excluded to) meat, fish, cheese and spinach. The name comes from the French croquer, which means “to crunch”. Croquettes are typically renowned as fast food and can be served as a tapa.



Jamon is a dry cured type of ham which is typically associated with Spain. It is usually served relatively thin and is deep purple in appearance. The two most popular types of this ham are jamon serrano (from the mountains) and jamon iberico (from the black Iberian pig). It is historically one of the most traditional forms of tapas, as it was originally used in bars to cover a glass of sangria and protect it from flies and insects.



If, after visiting the region of Valencia, your cruise ship calls into a Catalonian port, you may be curious to see a dish that resembles pizza. Whilst this region of Spain is not a million miles away from Italy; coca is unique in its own right. It shares many similarities with both pizza and focaccia, yet the difference comes with the sweet and savoury fillings. Some cocas consist of sweet ingredients such as nuts and fruits, whilst others combine both sweet and savoury fillings.



No journey to Spain is complete without trying the delicious doughnut-esque dessert of churros. Who’d have thought that fried choux pastry, served in long strips and with hot chocolate sauce could fill people with so much happiness? The dough is pushed through a syringe with a star-shaped nozzle, before being deep fried until crunchy.

The Mediterranean is home to many culinary delights and a cruise around the Iberian coast will take you on an exciting journey of Spanish food and drink. Pullmantur can take you to a range of stunning destinations this summer, with many fantastic itineraries in regions such as the Caribbean and the Norwegian Fjords.

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