Explore Northern Europe

In previous weeks, Pullmantur has taken a look at destinations such as Brazil, Spain, Italy, France and Greece. These destinations are always very popular with families and young travellers looking to escape the rain and soak up the sun.

This week, we take a closer look at some of the highlights you can experience in Northern Europe with the Tesoros Clasicos Cruise itinerary. All of our itineraries can take you anywhere between Scandinavia to northern Spain on an all-inclusive cruise that you and your family will enjoy.


Malmo - Sweden

Sweden’s third largest municipality is home to nearly a million people overall, whilst the five mile Øresund Bridge connects Malmo with Denmark and carries, on average, 60,000 travellers per day. The heart of the city is home to three main squares, all of which are within close proximity of each other.

Gustav Adolf’s Square (or Gustav Adolf’s Torg) is dominated by a statue of Gustav II Adolf, which was erected in 1796. Stortorget (otherwise known as the Big Square) and Lilla Torg (Little Square) aren’t too far away and each of these squares will take you on a journey of architecture and shopping opportunities.


Ijmuiden – Netherlands

Whilst there is very little for tourists to do or see in the Ijmuiden area; the port provides a gateway to the Dutch capital, Amsterdam. Those who have travelled to Venice will enjoy the canals that thread through the city and have become synonymous with romance. There are over 1,500 bridges around the city that can carry you across the canals.

The city offers something for everyone. Whether you want to admire the various churches, stroll amongst the tulips, or enjoy a night on the town; Amsterdam has it all. Additionally, there are plenty of markets in the city, allowing you to purchase some fantastic souvenirs.



Whilst Ijmuiden provides the gateway to Amsterdam, Zeebrugge provides a gateway to the cosmopolitan, yet extremely well preserved, Belgian city of Bruges. Cobbled streets will take you on a journey around historic houses and quintessentially Belgian staples such as beer and chocolate.

The real highlight of this city is the belfry, which dominates the Grote Markt. On certain days, you’ll have the opportunity to climb the tower’s 366 steps to the top, where you’ll be greeted with fantastic views, 83 metres above the city. Afterwards, be sure to explore the market and delve into the culture and heritage of this fine city.



Dover is the UK's closest port to continental Europe, sitting just 21 miles from Calais, France. The Romans were the first to establish a permanent settlement in the town and the Roman lighthouse, within the site of Dover Castle, is one of Britain’s oldest buildings. Over 2,000 years of history are contained within the castle, which has also been nicknamed 'the Key to England'.

Of course, one of the most beautiful features of Dover are the white cliffs, which you will be able to see from your cruise ship prior to entering the port. Other sites of significance include a 3,500 year old Bronze Age Boat; a chance discovery, now on display at Dover Museum.

Le Havre

Le Havre

Towards the north of France, within the region of Upper Normandy, lies the city of Le Havre (French for harbour). The city was heavily bombed during the Battle of Normandy, but a major reconstruction has seen it rise in popularity. The reconstruction was undertaken by August Perret using reinforced concrete and has gained UNESCO World Heritage Status.

To admire the city in all its beauty; a climb to the top of the tower at the Hotel de Ville will provide an overview of August Perret’s planned city. The city has much architecture to explore or, if you’d prefer to just relax, a stroll along the seafront presents the perfect opportunity to soak up the sun.



Within Spain’s Basque region lays the city of Bilbao, which sits on the banks of the river Nervion. Bilbao presents a refreshing alternative to the warmer inland and south coast cities, with temperatures rarely rising above 35C. The city is filled with varying architecture – from the gothic style St James’ Cathedral, to the outrageous twisted metal sheets that form the Guggenheim museum.

Bilbao is renowned for its culinary delights, the most popular of which comes in the form of Pintxos. These bar snacks are the Basque equivalent of tapas, yet more refined and every bit as delicious. You will find plenty of bars around the city selling Pintxos, so why not give them a try?

Northern Europe presents a wealth of varying cultures, lifestyles and architecture. The Tesoros Clasicos itinerary takes you to only a handful of the fabulous towns and cities that northern Europe has to offer. Of course, as always, the only way to truly understand the beauty of Northern Europe is to experience it all for yourself on board a Pullmantur cruise.

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