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Norwegian Fjords

Along with providing cruises to popular destinations throughout the Mediterranean and the Caribbean; Pullmantur also provide a range of exciting itineraries to places such as the Baltics, Iceland and the Norwegian Fjords. Two of the Pullmantur fleet will be operating around the Norwegian fjords from now and throughout the summer, taking you to a range of breath-taking destinations.

Both Empress and Horizon will be operating a mixture of cruises, some of which can take you direct from Calais to the Norwegian Fjords. With itineraries including: Fjords of the North Cruise; Midnight Sun Cruise; and Sol de Medianoche Cruise – there is plenty of choice when it comes to these Scandinavian delights.

This week, Pullmantur takes a closer look at some of the highlights you can look forward to with a Norwegian Fjords cruise.


Visit Alta this summer, between June and July, and you will have the fantastic opportunity to witness the midnight sun. This phenomenon, provided the weather is clear, results in the sun being visible for a full 24 hours and is a real highlight for many who visit the Norwegian Fjords.

This is possible due to the location of Alta, towards the most northerly tip of Norway and within the Arctic Circle. If you decided to visit Alta outside of this period, you have a good chance of witnessing the Northern Lights, as the town is also home to the world’s first Northern Lights observatory.



Bergen was once a significant location in Scandinavia and was once the largest city in the area. In addition to a wealth of maritime history, you can also expect to experience much in the way of culture, with many festivals being held in the city.


Although, due to atmospheric refraction, there is no polar night in Bodo, the beautiful mountains to the south block out the sun during the winter months. Bodo is the home to the largest urban area in northern Norway. The Saltstraumen is the must see destination in the region and is the world’s strongest maelstrom.

This amazing sight attracts many visitors with their fishing gear, as it also provides for some of the best fishing in the world. The current is at its strongest when it changes direction, which happens twice per day.



Snow-capped mountains and outstanding natural beauty await all who visit the village of Flaam (Flam). This stunning village is only home to around 350 residents, but is also home to one of the most exciting excursions you will ever embark upon – the Flamsbana railway.

Climbing a 20km distance to the summit of the mountains will provide one of the most awe-inspiring views imaginable. This is the third steepest railway in the world and an absolute must excursion when visiting Flam.


National Geographic Magazine rated Geirangerfjord as one of the top scoring UNESCO World Heritage Sites – making it a must visit destination on any cruise. This steep sided fjord provides spectacular views, beautiful waterfalls and fantastic scenery. It’s safe to say that the natural features in Geiranger truly speak for themselves.



Honningsvag will treat you to a wide collection of wildlife that consists of: kittiwakes, puffins and cormorants. A visit to Honningsvag will provide a fantastic insight into the flora and fauna of the Norwegian fjords; whilst a short trip to the Nordkapp granite cliff will provide a 1,007 foot high view overlooking the Arctic Ocean.


Regarded as the most rugged of Norway’s islands, Tromso boasts many features that will leave you breathless. Icy cold glaciers are accompanied by the beautiful turquoise waters of Lake Prestavn and it is also not uncommon to see reindeer wandering around this region.

Tromso is also home to a number of ancient settlements that predate Christianity and to some of the most beautiful churches in the world. The Ishavskatedralen church, built in 1965, is home to one of the largest stained glass windows in Northern Europe.



Stavanger has a lot to offer in the way of culture, having been nominated as European Capital of Culture in 2008. The fourth largest city in Norway offers a fine combination of stunning scenery, insightful museums and an international food festival. Additionally, the Romanesque style cathedral (which dates back to 1125) and the array of sculptures designed by Anthony Gormley that surround the centre of Stavanger are well worth a visit.

This is merely a summary of what you can enjoy on an exciting Norwegian fjords cruise with Pullmantur Cruises. If you want to experience awe-inspiring views and breath-taking landmarks, along with the trademark all inclusiveness provided on board; look no further than Pullmantur this summer.

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